Snapshots from the Cocina

Here are some photographic intrigues from the kitchen of Martín Berasatégui this week:

Erizo de Mar

I “Eee!” ‘d with excitement (how Martín of me) when these bright, orangey ‘tongues’ of uni arrived that I had to break one open and try it. Briny, mildly sweet with a short finish compared to ones from Santa Barbara (sweet, hints of vanilla, lingering finish) or Maine (earthy, nutty, grainier texture, long finish).

It was a doughy week in the kitchen. Here, Alessandro makes pizza dough, the bed on which his bufala from Italia lay:


In pastelería, Lola makes hojaldre (puff pastry):


And now for something a bit different. The following is unsuitable for friends with sensitive gag reflexes. You are officially forewarned.

Chef David breaking down liebres (Bugs bunny!):


Every few weeks we get a shipment of  liebre and David, aka The Professional, goes to town on them. I love the intensity of the deep, currant hues of bugs bunny blood. Morbid, I know, but even in butchery can you find beauty, especially when David gets the carcass this clean:


On the other side of the farm, David de Jorge and Martín made cochinillo for Robin Food:


Ah yes, I do love where curiosity leads me in this kitchen, from briny creatures of the sea to wondrous aromas of Italia, to the butcher shop.

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