Patatas con Chorizo

For our first ever Sammic videos, Athena and I showcased the potato peeler machine with the traditional Basque dish, patatas con chorizo. First we practiced the dish with Joseba, aka The General (note the artillery):


Okay, I swear we practiced first:


Then we celebrated with txakolí because a every day in Basque country is a celebration:

Txin Txin

Patatas con chorizo is a homey stew that if you ask any Basque, he or she can probably make it. We wanted to get expert instruction nonetheless on this foreign dish. Plus, the instruction came with txakolí so we couldn’t resist.

Now that we had some practice, we were ready for the DJ:


I mean, cameras:


Impressions of our first time filming inside Restaurante Martín Berasatégui? With 60+ strangers watching? Distracting, stressful, entertaining and comedic all at once. We’d decided to film in one of the busiest and higher-traffic areas of the kitchen, in the partida de carnes, during prep time. Buena idea? Did I mention we also had a vacuum sealing machine and huge potato peeling machine with a long connecting hose that ran through the partida de pescado and the partida de primeros before finally reaching the outdoors? Of course I’ve become more Basque now and I’ve learned how to freak out for a minute then laugh it all off moments later. Thank goodness we filmed the second video (of the patatas con chorizo) in la choza de David de Jorge, which I like to refer to as Hagrid’s hut. Not bad, eh?

Patatas con Chorizo

The intimate recording studio within Hagrid’s hut is so lovely. This is where David and Martín film RobinFood every Friday. It’s also David’s office, which is comprised of a huge bookshelf of cookbooks and a large picnic table within a kitchen studio adorned with colorful Le Creuset kitchenware. Trés jolie! On a side note (for you HP compadres), I love pretending to be Harry and sneaking off to Hagrid’s hut to deliver him green tea cookies.

Buen Provecho

I hope you enjoy our first video of patatas con chorizo with Martín as much as we did. I promise we won’t be as nervous and awkward next time! The truco must be to have txakolí before la grabación. Akakak.

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