20 Hours Later

What’s a day in the life of a BasqueStage like? Here’s a play-by-play.

7:10h alarm sounds. I snooze or wake up later cradling cell phone in chest, wondering who shut off my alarm, only to realize it was me, of course, who else?

7:30h I jump out of bed and into the shower.

7:50h I semi-dry my hair and get dressed.

8:00h yogurt and muesli = the breakfast of champions

8:10h tweet, check e-mail real quick, toss in a load of laundry because there is always laundry to be done.

8:20h leave the piso, fruit in hand.

8:45h start morning prep (i.e. tempering chocolate, making ice cream or infusing creams).

10:45h finish morning prep, depending on assignment. check in with jefes, usually Joseba.

11:00h blog/tweet, plan for Sammic videos as well as my personal videos.

12:00h work on prueba (test/project) for jefes/Martín (i.e. new ice cream flavor or curry for Martín or cookies for David de Jorge).

12:30h everyone has staff meal while I continue prueba. If the weather is nice and I get a chance, I take a walk outside to see the ovejas (sheep).

13:00h lunch service begins. I go to my assigned post for the day and do my best. Usually some sort of yelling occurs somewhere in the kitchen. I let it all roll off my back. I tell myself, “We’re all here to learn,” and learn I do.

16:00h lunch service ends. Cleaning begins. Some jefes set timers for their stations to clean faster. Siempre rápido, rápido, rápido. I feel for my [former] comrades in pescado who have the toughest cleaning to do.

16:30h pastelería has a end-of-service meeting to discuss service and assign duties for the evening. We are always the last ones to leave the restaurant.

17:00h we have siesta. Many go to the Polideportivo to play squash, swim, or run. Some go home and actually take a nap. I go to buy groceries.

17:30h-18:15h I cook in my piso, sometimes for friends and sometimes for my roommate. (i.e. omelette with chorizo, fried rice, ratatouille). The more veggies the better. If I have time I make cookie dough for later.

18:20h return to the restaurant, belly satiated, fruit in hand.

18:45h light pre-dinner service prep.

19:30h everyone eats dinner while I work on a prueba for the jefes/Martín (i.e. make sushi for Martín) or I blog.

20:30h dinner service begins and I report to my post on the line, sometimes camera in hand ready to capture as much of the action as I can.

23:30h dinner service ends thus commences clean-up. Again, pastelería stays longer. This meeting is longer than the afternoon one because Juan always has something to say. He looks us in the eyes and shakes all of our hands before we leave. Martín is usually still present so I take every opportunity to chat with him before saying “gabon (goodnight)” and returning a “garrote” followed by a fist-pump.

00:30h return to piso

1:00h remove and hang laundry all around my room, preferably on the heater to avoid super crispy underwear, settling for semi-crujiente. Toss in another load of laundry. unwind at home by cooking a snack (i.e. soup), avoiding potato chips (if my roomie bought them to tempt me) and/or baking (usually cookies) for friends

2:00h shower, check e-mail and try to respond promptly to parents, friends and strangers, tweet. avoid shopping on amazon past 24:00h because sleep-shopping is a Bruni-diagnosed-problem of mine.

3:00h …zZz…

One thought on “20 Hours Later

  1. The average person should have at least 8 hours of sleep per night. Not week.
    You always were above average but I think even you may need to rest more. Stop being so American. Siesta while you can.

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