Fishy Friends

Every day at Restaurante Martin Berasategui is full of surprises and surprises come in many shapes and sizes. This sorpresa happened to be a gigantic, scaley surprise in the form of corvina.


David de Jorge and his crew at Robin Food were cooking up corvina and happened to receive a huge, larger-than-life-sized corvina. They used a smaller one for the actual grabación (filming), but can you imagine this big guy as a prop in the background? Ay!


I tried some of the [smaller] corvina they seared up and for a rather meaty fish, it was very jugoso (juicy). But let’s not forget that tasty things come in all sizes:


Nothing excites me more than a seafood delivery, especially when it brings anchoas (aka boquerones)! I have yet to find anything that begins to compare with the anchoas in País Vasco. I’m going to sound like a broken record sooner or later, but these are la hostia!


One thought on “Fishy Friends

  1. Hi Tracy. Finally I read all of your blog. so coooool. I like a lot. I also wanna start to write my blog to communicate with you. Do you remember that day Joseba and Pablo discussed about the name of Anchoa and Boqueron? They have a differnt way to call dipense it if fresh o cooked in their city, But they are same fish I think.
    Still I have don´t know how has the right idea. hahaha.

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