Una Biblioteca Electrónica

For the past two months I’ve been staging with Restaurante Martin Berasategui, documenting, organizing and saving all kinds of photos, videos and e-data like it’s my job. Now the opportunity has finally come to do something with it all besides blog. It all happened because of powerpoint. My good friend from college, ppt. At 9am on a Friday morning, Miguelito ran into the choza and asked me if I had ppt on my laptop and if so, could I spare the next hour to sit with Martín and review his powerpoint presentation he had to give later that afternoon in Barcelona. Of course I had no choice, but I eagerly marched to the King Arthur’s jefe’s table in the kitchen because I was curious to see this ppt.

Martín sat with his printed ppt presentation and notes in front of him while I pressed the right and left arrows. For the next hour. And a half. This was possibly the most interesting hour and a half I’ve spent pressing two buttons because what was revealed to me that morning not only included the visual details of Martín’s upbringing and culinary journey (which I had already learned during the interview with the Dutchmen), but also a window of opportunity.

After we’d reviewed about half of the slides, Martín turned to me and asked me my opinion. This was it. This was my opportunity, if not THE opportunity. “Martín, no puedo decir mentiras. Seré muy franca.” And I began to explain to him the notes I’d been taking about various slides, text layout, photos and videos. He nodded in agreement as I continued. The key point I explained to him was the importance of quality photos and videos in accurately portraying himself to the audience and effectively positioning himself as a chef, a brand and an icon. I followed my explanation with a viewing of photos I’ve taken in País Vasco these past few months as well as photos from my travels. I finished with a proposition.

“Podemos montar algo para guardar todas las fotos y los videos del restaurante. Cómo…una biblioteca electrónica.”

He replied [with garrote] “Sí! Vamos a hacer una biblioteca electrónica de la hostia! Eee!”

And ever since last week, we haven’t stopped. I’ve been in a technological, electronical, photographical frenzy snapping, cutting, pasting, everything. Woosh! What do you call it when you surpass zombie status?

Anyhoo, it’s been a wild but adventurous ride thus far as my new ‘position’ incorporates everything [from before] like photography, marketing, business-savvy, media and technology, but to the next next next next next level.  Every day I tell myself I am not a professional chef, photographer, business woman, writer or _____ but I will be as professional as I can and I will push myself to learn what I do not know and improve where I am weak. Nice motivational speech for myself, right? When you’re working in a field of machísmo, it’s not only how you survive, it’s how you prevail. Push push push.

On a lighter note, I also tell myself, “Pues, at least the added stress, hours and dryness of contact lenses comes with perks.”

Perks, you say? Sí. Por ejemplo, this Monday we had an event in Vitoria with top [Michelin] chefs from all over the world (Pedro Subijana, Joan Roca, Renée Redzepi, Quique Dacosta, Patxi Eceiza, y más). I suggested to Martín that it may be a good idea for me to go and photograph him and the event. Done and done. Stay tuned!

Sergi y Martín


2 thoughts on “Una Biblioteca Electrónica

  1. Can you translate Spanish to English, or add English subtitle to your conversation with Martin? What do you plan to do with the electronic library?

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