Snippets of my whereabouts

In the spirit of Basque country, I will do as the Basque do [with good pintxos] and feed you a few bites to keep you coming back for more:

Sergi y Luis

It has been a sad week for me since my other half has departed for Mallorca:


As with the tide, we all must come and go:

Viva Argentina

Thankfully some will stay longer than others and I will be in good company:


And of course we cannot part without first having some good jamón fresh off the bone:

Jamón y Amor

Good thing I have this silly man to entertain me:

Oso Curioso

Besides being a bit blue because some of my good friends have departed (having completed their 3-month stages), I’ve mostly been busy in la choza working on a project for Martín this past week. Hopefully you’ll forgive me and enjoy these fotos. How I found time to take them, I do not recall…but alas, here they are.

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