One of my favorite featured chefs thus far on David de Jorge’s RobinFood is a sweet, sweet man. Not to mention, chocolatey and boozey.


As with most quality, artisanal Basque goodies, BrasilIrunen is headed by a husband and wife duo. Lucky for me, while husband Koldo Salinas Aragón was filming with David de Jorge, I found time and place to chat with wife, Shole, while she set up in la choza. What a warm, colorful lady she was! Literally.


She led Joseba (oso curioso) and I through the history and tradition of their bombonería, explaining how and why their chocolates are unique from others. One of their hallmarks is the use of alcohol and liqueur in their chocolates. Knowledgeable and instructive, she answered my questions with fine details such as exact temperatures for certain alcoholic ganaches and step-by-step procedures for making the boozey delights.


We chatted a while about chocolate, chocolate, a little bit of France, then more chocolate. Unfortunately she and her husband plan on retiring soon and their children will not continue the legacy. Apparently they want to become lawyers or doctors. Hmph. I suppose I’ll have to enjoy as much of their txokolate as I can in the next year. iEpa!

And while I did not get a chance to snap a foto with the chocolatero himself, fret not, in 10-15 years he will look a little something like this familiar face:

Carl Fredricksen

(And if you don’t understand this allusion, please go see Up. Right now. Venga! Va!)

Unfortunately for me the bombonería is closed on my weekends (lunes y martes) but surely I will find some time to make it to Irun to visit my new friends. If not, perhaps I will bump into them again like I did last weekend, in a pintxos bar in San Sebastián, jejeje. Que suerte. What a small world indeed.

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