As much as I love the ever-verdant País Vasco, it was a nice weekend getaway to spend 24 hours in the concerte jungle of Spain, formally known as Madrid. I had a few friends to send-off to China and Mexico, but not before enjoying a beautiful afternoon on the court:

Spain vs. China

China vs. Italy

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with friends of friends around a small plaza just a stone’s throw from Plaza Mayor.  Afterwards we feasted on local grub consisting of ‘spicy’ patatas bravas and a bocadillo de calamares fritos (fried calamari sub), which left my hands greasy, occupied and now, photoless.  Not to panic, I was more diligent with my breakfast the next morning:


No lie, I had shellfish for breakfast. I spent the morning at Mercado San Miguel, feasting on all sorts of goodies with my good friend Alejandra:


We followed the sea creatures with some bubbly cava and then with jamón:


Of course we couldn’t resist the temptation of hand-sliced, cured pork in the morning. iViva surf and turf!


We visited each food stand and then brought our goodies to the bar tables located in the center of the market to indulge. We wandered the market and found a plethora of fruit, produce and seafood:

Mountain of Fresas





Got Crabs?

The market reminded me of Ferry Building in San Francisco, Oxbow Public Market in Napa, Chelsea Market in NYC or Les Halles in Lyon. Fresh seafood, quality produce, gourmet food products, wine bars and various food vendors from jamón to gelato. We had a delicious morning before I had to bolt back to San Sebastián on the bus.

Can you tell I had a lot of fun practicing with my new lense (50mm f/1.4)?

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