Wedding Season

As we enter spring at Restaurante Martín Berasategui, I see the guisantes de lágrima, the huge espárragos from Navarra as well as other produce coming into the restaurant as the menu changes a bit just as the trees on the walk to work, the smells wafting through the office window and the practicas working in the kitchen. Spring also carries with it more customers and more weddings.


Weddings at the restaurant are all-day affairs for the most part. We come in at the usual 8:45am and prepare banquet food comprising of croquetas de jamón, raviolis de setas (mushrooms), txistorra (Basque sausage), foie gras, sirloin steaks and much more. Believe it or not:


I wonder what Spanish people wear to weddings…with the caloric content we’re serving, I’m hoping stretchy pants.


As if the foie wasn’t huge enough, let us serve you a huge Luismi solomillo to wash it down.


I suppose if you’re having your wedding catered by a 3 Michelin star restaurant in País Vasco, there’s only one way to go: big [or go home].

One thought on “Wedding Season

  1. My mouth is watering as I look at those pictures. I am trying to imagine the smell. Too bad the internet technology does not allow smell to be downloaded. I think that was one of the exhibits of the Taiwan pavillion at the World Expo, where you can see, hear and smell. Unfortunately I did not get to see that either.

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