Le Surf

I’ve been working myself pretty hard at the office lately, developing marketing strategies, editing photos and videos and doing other brain-and-body-taxing tasks so this weekend I’m going to relajarme un poco.


I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a long time. Relax. In the ocean. With a surfboard. Perhaps a paddle too if I come across one 8)

Sometimes my friends and family remind me to enjoy myself and not to take life so seriously. I have a [good and bad] habit of pushing myself to be the best, to work hard to achieve. The inner-pastelera is an overachieving perfectionist, sometimes (who am I kidding? more like most of the time) disgruntled, never satisfied with the end result.

But this weekend I’m going to relive what I once enjoyed–hobbies beyond the kitchen and beyond the office! I gotta get in shape because these Boston hooligans are coming to visit in 10 days and I better not disappoint:

BZ y Jwoo

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