Meet Buba (boo-buh). He goes surfing more often than I do. He likes them good vibrations. 

na na na na na na na na bat dog

To be sure of my surfing allusions, I googled ‘cowabunga.’ One of the results indicated it is a word surfers use to greet each other. That I believe.


Another use is found in the very familiar Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well by day I embraced my inner Leonardo, attempting to surf the indomitable waves.


And by night, I again embraced my inner [Japanese] Leonardo by wearing socks with my flip flops. It was a cold night for a BBQ!

4 thoughts on “Cowabunga!

  1. I´m from Zarautz Tracy and i practice surfing since i was a child. Beautiful village eh?? i found you trough David de Jorge. Now i´m following you. Nice blog, and i hope to see you from Zarautz.

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