Estoy en casa

For our Sammic videos, we always film in the service kitchen of Restaurante Martín Berasategui and for the personal plate dishes we film in la choza de David de Jorge on the set of Robin Food. This time I had the rare opportunity to film in the home kitchen of Martín Berasategui.


I suppose technically, we are always in the home of Martín Berasategui. He does remind us BasqueStages all the time, “Tranquila, estás en tu casa!” And Martín literally lives above the restaurant. But still, curious gal that I am, I was excited to see the home kitchen of one of the best chefs in Spain. And mola (cool) it was indeed. Clean, sleek and pristine. I didn’t expect it to be as modern as it is with the stainless countertop and induction appliances.

It was nice to be out of the limelight for a change and to spend a morning learning a bit of camera technique from resident Basque photographer Terry (he shoots a lot of the weddings, parties and events here at MB) and also see the mise en place and other preparation that goes into filming for each menu item. Speed, accuracy and cleanliness are key. Helping with this film project as well as with the Robin Food recordings helps me better plan for my own recordings with Sammic. Plus Terry is a great guy and it’s not every day you find someone to chat about photography and film with in the kitchen.

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