David de Jorge and noodle assasins

I still remember the first time I met David de Jorge [or as I like to call him, my Hagrid] of RobinFood. Andoni took us to ‘visit the restaurant’ the night before our official first day. Except instead of walking into Restaurante Martín Berasategui, we snuck around back to la choza [aka Hagrid’s hut]. Of course, it was a rainy evening in January, the perfect setting for an inconspicuous nighttime visit under the large paraguas of Sir Anthony.

David de Jorge

I was charmed then and every time since then I am still enchanted by the boyish, goofy-face-making, brain that is David. Really, he makes a lot of goofy faces. And really, he is the brain. Author, chef, tv personality, blogger, twitterer, superhero. You should see how many books he has in la choza, la bibliotequita. It’s no wonder his writing is so whimsical, his words chosen wisely.

What a hoot. I love popping in on RobinFood recordings, which take place once a week for an entire Thursday or Friday. What a priceless opportunity it is to witness the creation of food television and entertainment in the prep kitchen and in the studio. If you haven’t already, check out the episodes on David’s website. Here he films one with my korean friend, Hyun [or as David says, Iontxu]:

Viva Corea

Even before he knew me, David offered me to appear as a guest on his show. iAy caramba! We’ve been talking about a hand-pulled noodles episode ever since. (To be exact, for the past three months.) I’ve been practicing and seeking advice from successful-noodle-pulling-friends like Jen of TinyUrbanKitchen but there is only so much I can teach myself through observational learning and physically taxing practice on hot and humid weekends in la choza.

Today was especially grueling. Last practice-pull a few weeks back, I had successful noodles. Today I was determined to be better than last time (duh) but heat and humidity as I’ve learned are enemies of science and therefore noodle assasins. Or perhaps it was because I didn’t have the noodle dream last night…Zut! I had already prepared braised pork belly to compliment these noodles.

taiwanese pintxo

So instead I made a pintxo of my pork belly and surprisingly, my chefs liked it! (Did they see the bag of spices I used in the braise?) Perhaps I sold them with the nuts. I didn’t realize how nuts the Basque were about cacahuetes (peanuts)!

This time I reinvented my Asian failures of noodle-pulling and bun bun steaming (yesterday’s first-time-ever-trial came out chewy), but there’s no escaping next time. Next time, I will prevail. I better, because David is waiting!

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