Bistro St. Dominique

I arrived in Paris just in time for le dîner. I was craving the savory offal from Café Constant but as it turns out, good restaurants [that don’t accept reservations] will have lines out the door on a Sunday night. The neighborhood people sure know where to get their good eats. Thankfully, my local friends had already found a table around the corner at Bistro St. Dominique.

If there’s anything I miss more than the pastries in Paris, it’s the bread:


And the [often house]-smoked salmon:


And duck confit! (Although this one pales in comparison to my favorite at Chez Dumonet) I’ve been having the toughest time finding good duck in Spain…

Confit de Canard

And for dessert I had to have a crème brulée.. The double layer of torched sugar = meaning of caramelized goodness.


Not bad for a plan B and a sunday night. I certainly satisfied my bistro craving, but I’m still longing for some sweetbreads or calf brains [from Café Constant]. Je suis bizarre. I suppose I’ll just have to cook up some offal this week at work!

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