La Chocolaterie de Jacques Genin

Looking back on the photos now, my visit to La Chocolaterie de Jacques Genin feels like a surreal chocolate, caramel dream. Even the staircase reminded me of a tempered chocolate spiral décor. Oui?


Though it frustrates me that JG doesn’t have a delivery service, as a customer and appreciater of quality and freshness, I must credit the mad chocolatier for his just-in-time business model. The WSJ has a great piece on the self-proclaimed ‘foundry man who works with choclolate.’ I like to call him a chocolate genie. In the world of chocolat, pâtisserie et bonbon, he makes my wishes come true.


chocolate corner

Just make sure you don’t accidentally go on a Monday afternoon or you might find yourself like this pobrecita:

pobre gato

Or perhaps anticipation is a key ingredient in deliciousness. That, and caramel:

éclair caramel

I realize I just wrote about the best éclair ever(de fruit de passion et chocolat au lait), but this one comes in close at second. I like shiny things. They distract me and they entice me. This tease was beckoning for a lick. Cat and I both commented on how brillant it was compared to le rest (matte éclairs) you find in Paris.


Again (“repetition is the mother of learning,” as my professor once said), non-soggy choux pastry + light crème pâtisserie = vital.


Our pastries even came with complimentary chocolates. They were excellently prepared however here is where I get picky about service. From a business standpoint, if you give your guests a sampling of chocolates gratis, they will likely be happier and even convinced to purchase chocolates. However if service is slow and inattentive from the onset and you don’t offer your customers beverages, they may become thirsty and slightly irritated and of course this is what ensued. Yet I believe irritation can be ameliorated with good chocolate. I had arrived with intention to purchase [chocolats] because the flavors, like pu’er tea, were right down my alley, but this cat and the other Cat were presented with four more complimentary chocolates [after our half-full water glasses and cafés finally arrived 20 minutes later] and I should’ve taken a picture of them: three of the same chocolate flavors we had just tasted and one new flavor. Nonsense.


Thank goodness we had a refreshing, velvety smooth tarte au citron to ease our woes. Paris is notorious for its bad service but also for its pastries. So Paris, I will cut you some slack and will still insist on returning to venues as long as the product is good. And by good I mean perfect.

Like a good motherly friend, Cat wouldn’t let me have any more sweets so we took pictures of what we will eat next time around, a sweet sampling to be continued:


After the poor service experience, the fact that they allow photos did cheer me up. I’ve had countless experiences being scolded in Parisian pâtisseries. “Pas des fotos!” They always shout, of course after I’ve already snuck a few shots, jeje.


Stay tuned for more from Jacques ‘the genie’ Genin.

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