Le Caramel

I’ve already gushed about the immaculate pastries at  La Chocolaterie de Jacques Genin, the made-to-order caliber of freshness and perfect execution in flavor, texture and presentation. One would think the genius genie Genin had stopped at that, satisfied with le meilleur (the best). But then he goes and outdoes himself beyond ‘olalalala.‘ The result? My glorious, newfound infatuation with le caramel. I’m talking hallelujah-singing, eureka-exclaiming, party-in-my-bouche status.

le caramel

First, some personal caramelistory. Caramel was always the overly sticky, overly sweet nuisance that ever so often appeared in my bonbon, stealthily hidden under a blanket of chocolate or worse, ladled generously and all-too-quickly-for-me-to-prevent over my succumbent ice cream. I blame America.

When I first studied [pâtisserie] in Paris in June 2010, I told myself I would pack away my pre-conceived notions of croissants, macarons, et caramels. Paris needed its own chic boîte with a ribbon. Thank goodness for this decision. Two months and a weekend’s worth of time later, a bit more knowledgeable and a bit more sugar-laden, I am no longer a hater of all things caramel. For better or for worse, I am a curious caramel seeker.


For lack of experience I am nowhere near the level of snobbery [yet]. But I must say, JG has set the expectations bar high. Really really high.

I now crave JG caramels de mangue passion on a daily basis. If JG had a website and international delivery, I would be their best customer. Thankfully they do not [yet] supply caramels this way. According to Paris Pâtisseries, caramels are made fresh daily in the upstairs workshop. Legend has it pâtisserie elves work odd hours to ensure quality and freshness. What I would give to be an elf to the genius genie Genin himself.


Go to La Chocolaterie de Jacques Genin. Try a mango passionfruit caramel. Le meilleur.

For lack of control over my salivary glands I must bid you au revoir. 

5 thoughts on “Le Caramel

  1. I’m photographing Monsieur Genin in his kitchen next Wednesday! I’ve asked him to let me do shots of 3 different pastries/goodies that he’s in the act of creating. We’ll see if caramels are one of them!

    • trés cool! i will definitely stay tuned. my friend is mailing me JG caramels 😀 and i’m going to plan some caramel recipe experiments at work in the coming week. french passionfruit and mango purée ready!

      • I prlsonaely don’t have a problem eating corn raw. In fact, anything more than merely raising the temperature of really good corn is a sin. What most people know as corn though seems to be the starchy, stale grocery store bought stuff. To really get the best of corn, it needs to be consumed within a few hours of picking. The sooner the better. My apologies. I could rant on about corn for pages.

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