Narciso’s Backyard

This time our early monday morning visit to the Sammic factory in Azkoitia involved a pitstop to check out the locale for the Sammic 50th Anniversary dinner tuesday. To our delight, we were greeted with not only a Sammic-embellished kitchen in which to cook the following evening, but also with ponies!


Apparently, just like the dogs in France, ponies too enjoy nomming on baguettes.

eyes wide open

The ponies were not alone. There were many other friends here in the backyard of Narciso, our lovely host:


Roosters are like emperors with concubines. Apparently this dude had nine hens to his name.

Then we had a few [vegetarian] nibbles for ‘breakfast’ (in case you’re wondering, we didn’t have eggs).  The best cherries I’ve had yet–fresh off the tree!


 I have a curious fascination with HOW fruit grows thus whenever I encounter fruit on a tree or on a vine or in a bush.


It was such a pleasant start to a morning’s ride into the land of greenery. Narciso was a superb host–knowledgeable, kind and endearing. Stay tuned for more on Narciso and shots from the Sammic 50th anniverary dinner celebration.


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