Sammic 50th Anniversary

Last week we catered the Sammic 50th Anniversary dinner for 30 people. We coordinated with Martín on a Basque menu, which unfortunately I have no photographic evidence of because I was busy cooking on the line…but I did manage to get a photo of the bubbly brindis (toast) at the end of the night:


It takes a lot of time, patience, coordination and energy to throw a party for a group of local Basques, international Sammic representatives and gastronomes. El menu:

txistorra con pan 

(Basque sausage with bread)

sopa de pescado con mejillones 

(fish soup with mussels)

kokotxas al pil-pil

(cod jowl in traditional pil-pil style)

carrilleras de buey con puré de patata y salsa perigeux 

(beef cheeks with potato purée, perigeux sauce)

panna cotta con caramelo de fruta de la passion

(panna cotta with passionfruit caramel)

financier, brownies y cookies

I’ve been in the office of MB a lot lately but for me cooking is not something you lose or forget, it’s something you stir and reawaken. I missed the intense focus, timing, mise en place and adrenaline of cooking on the line. Of course this was nothing like a Michelin kitchen on a fully booked evening nor an intense brunch service for hundreds. It was relaxing and enjoyable to cook as if I was in one’s home, the quintessence of cooking in a Sociedad Gastronómica. Thanks again to our entertaining host Narciso who refilled our glasses with txakolí, served us snacks of olives and bonito and went on a mission for lemons for the digestif of choice in País Vasco, none other than the gin & tonic.


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