J’Adore la Fraise

Des Gâteaux et du Pain. Cake and bread. Like guns and butter? Yes, for some odd reason this reminds me of my Boston College professor who loved using the macroeconomics guns and butter theory. In this case, the nation will have to decide the level of cake and bread to best fulfill its needs. Well, nation, let me give it a shot. After all, j’adore la fraise:

J’adore la Fraise

Another pâtisserie on the hitlist (thanks again, Adam!), Des Gateaux et du Pain with its sleek black and white décor is impressive from the moment you set foot. Don’t be fooled by their ugly website. In a sweet world where marketing and packaging is everything, what the heck were they thinking when they hired their web designer? Anyhoo, back to pastries. I managed to sneak some fotos before the shop attendant reprimanded me. I’m growing numb of the expression “Pas des fotos!” Inattentive, pouty French pastry shop attendants take their jobs too seriously at the wrong times.

Choux Fraise

Like Chef Walter, I appreciate the simplicity of these cake designs. No need for extravagant fairy dust or phallic vanilla bean décor.

Pistache Fraise


So the purpose of this visit was to not only pick up some breakfast treats for our wonderful Aussie hosts Michael and Lyndal (various breads and confitures not pictured), but also to eat strawberries! Thus this cake was perfectly befitting for my love of strawberries. With a light and creamy chiboust layered atop a well-imbibed almond cake (imbibed with fresh strawberry juice FYI), fresh, natural strawberry compote, and strawberry mousse, j’adore la fraise is the second best strawberry cake I’ve ever had (you don’t know strawberry cake until you’ve tried my Aunt Jin’s strawberry chiffon cake). My one critique is of the biscuit encircling the gâteaux. I understand it serves to beautify and hold together the gâteaux but that’s no excuse for a dry, unappetizing biscuit! It’s almost as bad as buildling a chocolate fortress around the cake, as Adam describes here.

Nevermind my picking on how to encirclify a cake post-production, J’adore la Fraise is easily my favorite gâteaux in Paris.
des gâteaux
If strawberry is not your fruit of choice, try one of their many other sweet treats or breads. I will certainly be back for seconds, and thirds! After all, if this is cake and bread theory, my country can do with more of both. What better way to achieve this than for this patriot to volunteer my palate for the future of cake and bread in the USA.

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