RobinFood Appreciation Dinner

I’m sad RobinFood filming is on hiatus for the next month, but this left us all the more reason to celebrate. And celebrate we did. Martín hosted us in his sociedad gastronómica, Zubi-Gain, in Parte Vieja of San Sebastián with the camera crew, RobinFood office team, neighbors (yes, we invited our neighbor Migueltxo, also the supplier of our hen-to-table-eggs), MB kitchen crew and more amigos. . A festive frenzy it was:


El menujamónensaladaempanada gallega (Galician empanada), cordero lechal al horno (roast baby lamb), cubatas (cocktails) y galletitas (cookies):

Dioni y el jamón

empanada gallega


Watch the video here as our papá gastronómica, Martin, prepares for us the cordero lechal.


At home, I always spend my weekends cooking for friends and family. Hostia! It’s tradition here too! Turns out the Chinese and Basque have much more in common than just the love for the pig, eh?


I am enamored with the culture and tradition of eating, cooking and celebrating together in a sociedad. Some of my most cherished moments these past few months in País Vasco have taken place in las sociedades, whether I’m cooking for new friends or Sammic representatives or I’m invited as a guest to this RobinFood event.Siempre lo pasamos super bien.


For me the feeling is surreal, like I’m frozen in time in a Back to the Future sort of way. I don’t want the evening to end, the conversation to stop, the laughter to cease, nada. Feel the love.


I believe the evening was not one of irony, rather of destiny. Perhaps the truco (trick) is to invite Dioni, the maestro de jamón and [Greek] God of frenzy, pleasure, wine and fiesta, to more [if not all] events.

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