Fallafel Face

Whether you’re a first-timer in Paris or a native in town, all are capable of love in The City of Love. Love for fallafel, that is. Paris has some of the best ethnic food in the world and is home to the renowned fallafel joint, L’as du Fallafel, which I’ve bragged about before. So naturally, [although I swore off ‘touristy things to do’] I brought my family to L’as du Fallafel.


Despite the long lines, we ventured to Rue des Rosiers for some finger-lickin goodness. I should also mention that I’m lucky to have great friends willing to hold our place in line. It’s a busy day and a good fallafel when the lines are out the door and down the street…on both sides! Yup. Usually my ‘trick’ to getting my fallafel fix is to opt for indoor table seating because the line is either shorter or nonexistent. Not today.


Turnover is quick so 20 minutes later, we were in fallafel heaven.


And in my book, the shawarma is equally delicious.

Dr. approved

Trick: bring friends so you can go 50/50 on the shawarma and falafel.


And if you’re obsessed, you’ll ask for more fallafel and shawarma to take home. If you’re like me, you have to feed the hungrily awaiting mom and aunties. Surprisingly, the doggy bags held up nicely and the f&s were delicious even 30 minutes after the assembly of sauces, garnishes and pita. Olalala. And L’as officially gets their approval. Three thumbs up from three women who after having L’atelier de Jöel Robuchon for lunch, were raving about falafels the rest of the night.

Skeptics will argue L’as isn’t the best in the city. I’m not saying I’ve tried every fallafel in town but I did one day (only because L’as was closing as I arrived) try the place across the street from L’as (Rue des Rosiers is the falafel mecca of Paris) and it was awful. Clearly not fresh pita, clearly not fried-to-order fallafel. Total let down. Lesson learned. Unless an experienced, trusted foodie friend recommends me another falafel in Paris, I’m sticking to my guns. Rumor [from a friend] has it King’s Fallafel down the street from L’as is decent…

But try L’as du Fallafel if you haven’t already, especially if you’re wandering the streets of Paris empty-stomached on a sunday.

If David Lebovitz and Mark Bittman say so, I say so too. Allez-vous!

Bon appetit!

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