Changes in La Cocina

la cocina

For the past week that I’ve been back at Restaurant Martín Berasategui, I’ve been seeing some changes. Ch-ch-ch-changes…

When I left for vacation in July, I thought the kitchen was immaculate. A state-of-the-art space where 60+ stagiaires have more than ample elbow room to prepare, cook and run food is impressive to say the least. The ground, the walls and the counter tops are tiled with heat-proof, scratch-resistant porcelain.


If that isn’t enough, I came back to find built-in induction burners on each station. How can you stop at good or great when you’re shooting for the best?

On a tasty note, might I also add that the Luismi solomillo (sirloin) is now on the grand tasting. Succulence.

Oh, how I’ve missed the meats of Europe…what a world of a difference it makes to be aged, grass-fed and Spanish.


Okay, I suppose these changes are pretty minor, but one main difference is the rotation of stagiaires we have at the moment. I spent the week on the line in pescados (fish), reacquainting myself with amigos and also making new friends, namely a talented bunch with whom I worked Saturday’s wedding service. Stay tuned for more on la boda (the wedding)…

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