La Fundación ALíCIA

Last week I spent my days off at La Fundación ALÍCIA (ALICIA Foundation) in Món St Benet, just an hour north of Barcelona. Ah, Catalunya, quite the change in scenery. You may not have the rolling hills of Basque Country, but I like your French-ish ways, the sound of your ‘adeu‘ and your use of ‘ostras!’ in place of ‘hostia.’

ALÍCIA is a culinary research center that collaborates with notable international chefs like Ferran Adrià to improve the way we eat and the way we think about food. It is science + cooking, the laboratorio and the cocina. Even before we arrived at the venue, I knew I’d love it. It must have been the smell of coniferous trees. I could get lost in describing the scenery alone. Just imagine…blue skies, sunshine so bright you squint behind your sunglasses, and naturaleza. Picturesque.


Alas, the assurance of peace and tranquilidad.


Nestled in the hills of Món St Benet is the ALÍCIA foundation, where scientists, chefs and curiosities come together. It is a confluence of technology, necessity and positivity. Large open spaces and the absence of cubicles. Glory. All the applicances, tools and machines you could ever need are at your disposal.


Tinker, meddle, discover. Magnificence.

And when you want some fresh air or lunch, the huerta is minutes away.


Our staff meal consisted of garden fresh heirloom tomatoes and other goodies. But after the tomatoes, nothing else mattered. Words can’t describe so I’ll be concise: absolutely divine.

And just like that, I have tomato nostalgia. Break time. Be back soon to report on our two-day project at ALÍCIA. Stay hungry.

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