Wine Bars of Bordeaux

I am such a planner.

Even when I decide last minute for a weekend getaway like the recent one to Bordeaux, I end up planning where to eat, drink and shop.

I think it’s my innate fear of eating and drinking poorly. I come from a family whose dinner-table conversations often focus on tomorrow’s dining plans. So even if my schedule was not forgiving, I made time to do due diligence on the bars du vin and bistros.

But mostly, the bars du vin. In a region celebrated as one of the wine meccas of the world, I cannot pay a visit without studying a few of the haute spots in town. After a tasting at Max Bordeaux Wine Gallery (pictured above), I was glad I did so.

A red carpet greeting followed by suspended wine glasses dangling high above me as I peruse the fine wine selections?  Oui, s’il vous plâit.

It may as well have been a magic carpet. With the modern enomatic tasting system, you simply buy a ‘tasting card’ which serves like a debit card. You browse the selection of wines located throughout the gallery, insert the card, and select one of three different portionings.

I opted for small tastes of three extremely unaffordable wines. That’s the whole idea of this system. At this point in my career and life, a 2007 bottle of Chateau Margaux Grand Cru Classé is not comonplace so when the opportunity arises to enjoy unique, quality experiences in food and wine, one must indulge a bit (of course Logical Tracy says ‘within reason’)

After la dernière gôut (the last drop) at Max Bordeaux, I headed to Aux Quatre Coins du Vin for a different vibe. I was happy to see there was hardly a seat available.

Compared to Max Bordeaux Wine Gallery, this cute wine bar offered more affordable wines (also dispensed with the enomatic) and more white wines, including international varieties (like Spain and USA) and had a simple menu of charcuterie and cheese plates to accompany the vins. Again, I was reminded how much better the bread is in France.

My server was young, friendly and multi-lingual as I realized after the slip of the tongue and continued speaking Franglish with him the rest of the evening.

The décor was warm and inviting. Natural tones and textures, chalk board menu and modern wine dispensing system. It works.

The high tables and chairs with back rests make it a great locale for a pre-dinner wine tasting with an intimate group of friends.

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