SS Gastronómika 2011: Listen, taste and learn

When the hustle is over, there is still work to be done…

Thankfully I work in the world of food so ‘more work’ for me after our presentation at SS Gastronómika meant tuning into others. “The others” (any Lost fans out there catch my allusion?) were Riojan wine producers like Gabriella‘s friend Benjamin, jamón bellota purveyors like Casalba, and top chefs like Magnus Nilsson.

Let’s focus on the latter nordic lad, mister Magnus.

A long-haired, bird-with-feathers-still-intact-wielding gentleman with gentlemanly prose certainly deserves my undivided attention. What’s more, he built a fire on stage. If the flames didn’t keep the audience awake, the subsequent aromas of that roasting big bird sure did.

Magnus Nilsson. Smart man. If you’re going to travel the distance to give a presentation to the top journalists, photographers, chefs and other food industry people in the world, you must keep it simple yet memorable.

Black and white.

Our amuse: black and orange.

An edible shell with salmon roe.

Fire and bird.

Homemade and home-brought plate-and-napkin-all-in-one. Hurrah–practicalities of Swedish design!

And taste of course is important too. It was all berry delicious.

The crowd rushed the stage afterwards for a taste of the juicy, gamey bird. Even WD-50’s Wylie Dufresne waited eagerly and awkwardly in line to chat with his fellow, long-maned Magnus.

I tried the bird and the berries. Very Lion King of the man with the mane. Very “Circle of Life.”

You see, the birds eat the berries. Then we roast the bird and serve it with accompanying berries. This we eat. No meat glue, no sous-vide.

Bird carefully roasted over controlled fire (perhaps one set ablaze with berry branches).

Simple. Local. Quality.

Thank you, Magnus Nilsson.

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