Best eats of 2011: Des Gâteaux et du Pain


I’ve bragged about you once and I’ll brag about you again, and again, and again…Des Gâteaux et du Pain. Flaky like a college girlfriend but a great croissant.


You are more than a flaky croissant bearing shop that prohibits food photography like many of your fellow Parisian pâtisseries. You are a haven for cake lovers, especially those who enjoy des fraises (strawberries) sandwiched between layers of moist genoise and light pastry cream.

You house some of the tastiest sweet treats in Paris so it doesn’t even matter that you are not a salon du thé. For the sake of tasting your delectable goodies, I’ll rub elbows with the dinosauric grandmères, the neighborhood bourgeoisie with their petite canines and the Asian girl tourists bearing their intrusive SLRs and over-sized Louis Vuitton purses.

I’ll even follow the conventional protocol of a traditional and tiny bustling Paris pâtisserie or boulangerie–I’ll come in one door and out the other, as long as I’m promised a one-way route to delicieux.

Like haute couture, your chic black and white boxes make heads turn on the street, and you’re not even on the Champs-Elysées. And you prove time and time again that you don’t have to be.

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