Best Drinks of 2011: Château Reynon Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux

As a supplement to my recent Best Eats of 2011, I figured I’d include an ode to delicious libations. Equally important as flavor progression, texture, and seasoning in savory and sweet is what you are guzzling all the while.

Easily one of the most memorable whites I had this year was this bottle of Château Reynon Sauvignon Blanc Bordeaux. Unsung is this Bordelaise hero, a subtle and sweet amuse to the meal, bearing notes of citrus and leaving you with a hint of dryness on the finish. It was a great if not the perfect accompaniment to the plethora of oysters I had “accidentally” ordered and the seafood-laden dishes that ensued.

While Bordeaux is renowned for its stunning, mature reds and its prized, white dessert wines, it would be most unfortunate to overlook these versatile, young blancs. If by chance the opportunity presents itself, I encourage you to break from habit, skip the typical Chardonnay or Sancerre and embrace the Bordeaux blanc. Allez!

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