Aix en Provence: Riederer


If you’re wandering Aix looking for a morning cuppa or a sweet indulgence, search no further. Opened by MOF (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) Philippe Segond, Riederer is the must try pâtisserie in town.

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Paninis in Aix


say ‘fromage’

I plan my days around food. When I’m on vacation, I do so to the extreme because life is too short to waste on bad food. Every once in a while, an impromptu snack or sandwich will pop up, for better or for worse. This time it came in the form of a panini in Aix.

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How to accessorize yourself in France


des chapeaux

“And now, this is my beach hat.” –Hilary, on her hat for all occasions

We found two perfect hats for all occasions at the market in Aix en Provence. Hil looks more passably French, whereas I just draw more attention to myself now that I’m an exotic Asian donning a straw, cowgirl hat. Quoi???