Martintxo goes to NYC!

Let me catch you up to speed. One of the reasons I’ve been jetsetting like a loca this past week is because last week, we (at Restaurante Martin Berasategui) traveled to the Big Apple to give a six course degustation for select guests at Bar Basque.


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La Cuchara

I had many a strange habit growing up, one of the ‘bad’ ones being my refusal to embrace my Asianhood and use chopsticks. Coming from a culture and family that had white rice at the table every night, I thought I was being clever using a spoon and not just any spoon. This was THE spoon: perfectly round and perfectly sized for my mouth. It was MY spoon. I figured with a spoon I could fit more in one bite, I could scoop up soupy rice and I could do this all more quickly and efficiently than with chopsticks. You’ll be happy to know I’m a grown-up, proud chopstick user now. But the Montessori kid thrives within and I continue to collect [spoons].

And speaking of spoons, I finally made it to La Cuchara de San Telmo:

Costilla de Iberico, Vinagre de Modena

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Bourdain & Batali

Anthony Bourdain and Mario Batali “chew the fat” on Serious Eats regarding sex, the poop chute, fatherhood, etc.:


Some Bourdain quotes I enjoyed:

“Any important relationship in my life began with a meal at a good sushi restaurant. If it’s like, ‘No no no…no uni’, then it’s like that relationship’s over.”-Bourdain

“I’m going to gracefully make the transition from the bad boy of cooking to the sort of next Bill Cosby kind of a thing–I just need the sweater. I think that’s all that’s missing”-Bourdain