Jamón Obsession and Life Lessons from the Jefe

I write about  [and consume] jamón in País Vasco so often, I might as well make another post of it.


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The Hills are Alive

What better way to spend a day off than driving along the coastal bay, around the cliff bends and over the hills to arrive at the top, where an amicable agriculturist welcomed us to taste, to converse and to learn. Sergi, the jefe of the carne partida (meat station), graciously invited us to visit one of our local herb suppliers at Restaurant Martín Berasatégui. Upon our arrival at the summit where the agricultural center is located, we were greeted by a jolly, stout fella, Jaime, the founder of Aroa. Aha! I recognize him from the restaurant! Every week, Jaime comes by the restaurant to deliver fresh produce. This was exactly the opportunity I was hoping for, to meet our local artisan and have a fresh look at what he does best.


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