A Warm Welcome

This coming week is an epic one for my fellow BasqueStagers, Elisha Ben-Haim and Ruth Selby, currently embarking on their 6 month culinary journey at Restaurante Martín Berasategui.

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Sammic 50th Anniversary

Last week we catered the Sammic 50th Anniversary dinner for 30 people. We coordinated with Martín on a Basque menu, which unfortunately I have no photographic evidence of because I was busy cooking on the line…but I did manage to get a photo of the bubbly brindis (toast) at the end of the night:


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Flexibility Test

One of the most important things you learn as a BasqueStage or any stage coming to Restaurante Martín Berasategui is to be flexible. I always talk about how every day here is an aventura (adventure) and it is, a challenging one for that matter. No matter how prepared I come with my moleskine notebook of ideas, schedules and plans, I am always thrown a curveball. Or a sinker. Or a change-up. Or a knuckleball. Just like in baseball, BasqueStage requires you to sharpen your reaction time, then translate it to Spanish.

For instance, for each Sammic filming day, Athena and I have one grabación (recording) in the kitchen of Restaurante Martín Berasategui where we demonstrate Sammic machines and the other grabación in Hagrid’s hut, also known as la choza de David de Jorge (literally a hop and a skip away on the premises of MB) where we film a personal dish.

Recipe Planning

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You have to be somewhat of an athlete to work at Restaurante Martín Berasategui, to endure the late nights of service and early mornings of prep. But to continue this early-to-rise routine on your weekends (mondays and tuesdays), you have to be somewhat of a champion, especially if the day’s itinerary includes a two hour drive to wine country for three bodega tours. Buuuf! But who can say no to beautiful wine country?


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Martín Berasategui, here I come!

Hurrah! I’ve been selected for the Sammic scholarship to stage in Restaurante Martín Berasategui in Lasarte, Spain next year!

Aunt Pearl, Chef Martín y Yo

You can’t tell from this pre-announcement picture, but I’m thrilled! Muchas gracias to all my friends who encouraged me to apply and helped me along the way and also to the jurors for believing in me. iNos vemos pronto!

More to come…