Una Biblioteca Electrónica

For the past two months I’ve been staging with Restaurante Martin Berasategui, documenting, organizing and saving all kinds of photos, videos and e-data like it’s my job. Now the opportunity has finally come to do something with it all besides blog. It all happened because of powerpoint. My good friend from college, ppt. At 9am on a Friday morning, Miguelito ran into the choza and asked me if I had ppt on my laptop and if so, could I spare the next hour to sit with Martín and review his powerpoint presentation he had to give later that afternoon in Barcelona. Of course I had no choice, but I eagerly marched to the King Arthur’s jefe’s table in the kitchen because I was curious to see this ppt.

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For the past week and a half I’ve been in pastelería. Hasta la pasta, fishy hands! Truth be told, I really wanted to work with Juan, the chef de partida. He is organized, logical and methodical. Sure all the jefes have their moments of berating you on the line if you sprinkle a few too many carrot brunoise but there is rhyme and reason to his madness.

Tejas de Chocolate

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