Heat Wave

The heat wave in País Vasco today has me craving a chilly cone:

kukurutxo txiki

Thank goodness it’s domingo! Can’t wait to see this kiddo tonight.

Huîtres d’Arcachon

Ever since the oyster incident at L’Express in Paris, I’ve been wary of French oysters, but if Arcachon is renowned for their briny bivalves and the Huang Family Circus is willing to drive northwards a few hours in search of these juicy aphrodisiacs on a beautiful spring day, I am not one to shoot down a second shot at les huîtres francaises. 

No. 0

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Huang Family Circus

My family friends are visiting and to spend a weekend away from the restaurant, in the [French] Pays Basque with [legitimate] baguettes from the local boulangerie and [legitimate] croissants made with know-how, is heavenly. Like the Partridge Family, the eight of us packed into a boxy van (in Chinese we say ‘bread car’ for its shape) in search of le picnic. We ambushed a tiny, local boulangerie, picking up des sandwiches, des pains au chocolat et plus. We may have also given the boulanger une crise cardiaque, assuming he has never 1) seen so many Asians in his life 2) had to fill an order of 8 sandwiches (avec jambon de bayonne, chorizo, fromage, saucisson, all of which he sliced to order), 8 pain au chocolat, 1 pain de campagne, 6 cannelés et 4 croissants. Apparently I was having too much fun watching and forgot to take fotos, but here is our picnic on the side of the road.  

fermentation is everything

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