RobinFood Appreciation Dinner

I’m sad RobinFood filming is on hiatus for the next month, but this left us all the more reason to celebrate. And celebrate we did. Martín hosted us in his sociedad gastronómica, Zubi-Gain, in Parte Vieja of San Sebastián with the camera crew, RobinFood office team, neighbors (yes, we invited our neighbor Migueltxo, also the supplier of our hen-to-table-eggs), MB kitchen crew and more amigos. . A festive frenzy it was:


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Sammic 50th Anniversary

Last week we catered the Sammic 50th Anniversary dinner for 30 people. We coordinated with Martín on a Basque menu, which unfortunately I have no photographic evidence of because I was busy cooking on the line…but I did manage to get a photo of the bubbly brindis (toast) at the end of the night:


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Una Biblioteca Electrónica

For the past two months I’ve been staging with Restaurante Martin Berasategui, documenting, organizing and saving all kinds of photos, videos and e-data like it’s my job. Now the opportunity has finally come to do something with it all besides blog. It all happened because of powerpoint. My good friend from college, ppt. At 9am on a Friday morning, Miguelito ran into the choza and asked me if I had ppt on my laptop and if so, could I spare the next hour to sit with Martín and review his powerpoint presentation he had to give later that afternoon in Barcelona. Of course I had no choice, but I eagerly marched to the King Arthur’s jefe’s table in the kitchen because I was curious to see this ppt.

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Despite the rain in Spain that [doesn’t] remain only in the plains, we got up early and again we found ourselves along the narrow, dirt roads of Basque country, bumpity bumpity, this time en route to the txakolí bodega, Rezabal, in Guetaria. It’s never too early in País Vasco to drink txakolí.


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