Surprisingly Succulent Shrimp

I rarely order shrimp unless I know I’m going to get the good stuff like a perfectly battered and fried, non-greasy shrimp tempura or super fresh amaebi (raw sweet shrimp) when it’s in season. Shrimp usually takes a back seat to the other sea creatures I prefer but everyone keeps raving about the shrimp in San Sebastián. There are some pintxo bars specializing in shrimp but I always figure, why waste calories and cholesterol on something I don’t love? (I’d rather save my c&c’s for unctuous uni). One day I was pintxo hopping with a friend on Calle Fermín Calbeton, one of my favorite streets in Parte Vieja and we entered Bar Goiz-Argi. Normally I wander into places having done some homework but we entered and the name sounded familiar but I couldn’t recall what I had read about this place because when you fill your head with so much of the same Basque font and un monton de pintxo places, you sometimes forget which is what which is good, where? The owner swore by the shrimp. I hesitated. He insisted. Oído.

brocheta de gambas

Surprisingly succulent! Tender, grilled shrimp with sweet and slightly spicy (for the European palate) onion, carrot and peppers with a special vinaigrette. Super bien. Go get it.

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Snapshots from the Cocina

Here are some photographic intrigues from the kitchen of Martín Berasatégui this week:

Erizo de Mar

I “Eee!” ‘d with excitement (how Martín of me) when these bright, orangey ‘tongues’ of uni arrived that I had to break one open and try it. Briny, mildly sweet with a short finish compared to ones from Santa Barbara (sweet, hints of vanilla, lingering finish) or Maine (earthy, nutty, grainier texture, long finish).

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