I am a pug aficionada, food enthusiast, adventure-seeker, and student of all that life has to offer.

I am an ever-aspiring Renaissance woman.


Always looking for the next best mouthful, I am devoted to eating, living and cooking well and sharing the works of my talented friends.

I’ve lived and worked in Shanghai, Beijing, Paris, San Sebastián and Boston.

Here is where I obsess, I ramble, I digress…all for the love of sharing good eats.

I invite you to follow along in my dericious travels.

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  1. Tracy, I love your website! You are a foodie and that’s a good thing. You could be a very colorful and fun food critic. Congratulations on your graduation! It’s nice to see the pictures of you and your parents. Please send them my love and to the rest of the family! If you ever come to Rochester, please let me know.
    Wishing you all the best, Aunt Linda

  2. Tracy, hi! Thanks a lot for sending some San Sebastian recs my way. I am really looking forward at going — have been planning this trip for a while now! Much appreciated 🙂


  3. Hi Tracy. Found your site when searching for croquembouche today and trying to figure out what the balls are called individually in French. You see, I’ve just posted photos from a French patisserie class attended by the French group I organize (Berkeley, CA) and wanted to indicate the name of the balls, as they’re sold separately at the shop where we took the class… You know, they’re just like cream puffs but with the hard carmel on top. Anyway, impressed with your blog and adventures. A bit envious, too, I must admit, because I’d thought of studying cooking at LCB and California Culinary Academy a few years ago, but decided cooking wasn’t feasible for me as a second career and opted instead to study nursing! Good luck… looks like you’re on your way to master chefdom!

  4. Hi Tracey

    We (my wife and I) went yesterday to O Ya, our favorite restaurant in Boston. There is no doubt about that, it is the best! Michael, one of the waiters, told us about you, because we are Spanish. He was talking about your trip and he didn’t know where you were exactly. Are you still in Spain? I am from Bilbao so I love Basque Food. I know Berasategui (and I like it), Arzak, Subijana, etc… (I am talking about the restaurants not about them, just when they visit the tables).

    If you need anything there or if you are planning to go to the south of Spain (my wife is from Cádiz, and you have to go there if you want to taste a great tuna), please let me know and we will try to introduce you somebody there or just give you the name of good restaurants or places to go.

    By the way, if you have the idea to open a restaurant of your own and you have the quality of the O Ya, let us know, we would like to help you and be involve in that project.

    All the best and hope to meet you in Boston!



  5. Hi Tracy,

    I am a 5th quarter culinary student and I am thinking about applying for the Basque Stage. Can you give me any pointers for my application? My hook is that I am 50 years old and a female in a youth and male dominated field.


  6. Hi Tracy,

    I stumbled upon this site – wonderful blog. Myself and two friends from the states (living in London) are coming to San Sebastian July 29. We’re definitely foodies but the just-a-few-years-into-professional-life price range puts a damper on things – any other restaurants in the area you would recommend with innovative cuisine?

    (Or, you know, general places for 20-30s to enjoy themselves on a Saturday night!)

    All the best,

    • Hi Madeleine,

      Did you check out my post ‘Eating well in SS‘? I’ve put a map of my suggested restaurants, pintxo bars, cafes here with some critique and suggestions of what to order at each venue. Most are wallet friendly for us 20-30s. Most are traditional pintxo bars. There are a few ‘innovative’ places in town but as you’ll see in my critiques, I prefer the traditional over the innovative venues. Hope you enjoy!


      • Thanks! As it turns out, we have made a booking at Martin Berasategui for that Saturday – just to sample… but we’ll look into your recommendations for lunch and drinks on Sunday. Looking forward to it!


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