Why pugs?

When I was seven years young, my parents decided us kids, my two older brothers and I, were finally ready for a family dog. I had always wanted a beagle but being young, naive and easily dissuaded, my oldest brother Eric (10 years old at the time) told me beagles not only had obnoxious howls but also ‘really stinky poop.’ And just like that, no beagle.

Dad thought we should check out the dogs at the kennel so we took a doberman named Lady for a test-walk. I didn’t mind that Lady was so strong that she pulled me down during our walk but Dad disagreed. I wasn’t so worried about her strength. I mean, I’d grow taller and stronger anyway as I told dad. But minutes later after Lady peed on my foot, I decided no doberman.

So we went pug shopping to appease Eric. There were two pugs left: one black, one fawn. They were chasing each other around the black and white tiled kitchen. Which one do we pick? It was a tough call until my pee-prone foot stepped back into a wet present the fawn pug had left me. Black it was! And well, once you go black, you don’t go back. Since then, we’ve had three lovely pugs: [the late and
#1] Hei Hei, Yoda and Phoebe.

img_0788Out to Lunch

If he had an away message it would [forever] be: “Out to lunch”


img_3757Ding Dong

Phoebe [cat]:

img_0929Seal Status


Hide & Seek

1011080014Where’s my Igloo?

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